Laceless And Leather: a first for Umbro with the
new Medusae 3 Elite


Innovation and leather boots have always been part

of Umbro’s DNA – the iconic Speciali boot was the

lightest in the world when it was released in 1992.

The new Medusae 3 Elite combines these two traits

to create a genuine first – a laceless leather boot

that combines the touch and speed of previous

generations of the Medusae with an innovative onepiece

k-leather upper.


That eye-catching new upper was developed

following extensive consultation with professional

players, who were looking for a lighter boot with

better touch and feel for the ball. Over a twoyear

period of development, anything that didn’t

add comfort, improve fit or aid performance was

stripped out to produce a sophisticated leather boot

fit for the modern game – the Medusae 3 Elite.


Alongside the one-piece upper, the boot also features an

engineered knitted collar which provides a responsive fit

and easy foot entry, plus stability in the heel area once

the game kicks off. Additional padded zones in the collar

and grip pods in the heel offer an extra layer of security

and comfort.



On the soleplate, an upgrade sees the Sprint+ sole

(previously only seen on the Velocita 4) fitted into

place. This lightweight Pebax outsole uses stud

shape and positioning to maximise grip, traction and

comfort, based on analysis of peak pressure points

and player movement.


The Medusae 3 Elite is a modern, innovative boot, but

there’s some nice nods to Umbro’s heritage in the mix

as well. Flex grooves in the forefoot follow the stitch

lines of the Speciali – a little nod to the Medusae’s

spiritual ancestor. The launch colourway of black,

white and marine green is a classic look for a boot

that offers style and substance.


Players including Pepe and Ashlyn Harris have

already given the new Medusae 3 Elite a spin during

this week’s international fixtures. Want to get your

hands on a pair? You’ll have to be quick – on 19th

October they’re released in strictly limited numbers.





Vinner av et par Medusae 3 Elite fra Facebook-konkurranse 23/10:

Øyvind Grødal Skarpnes Arena, str. 42


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